Susan Power, School Speech Therapist

 I’m voting for Joanna Paun for the Petaluma School Board because she possesses gifts of integrity, honesty, and a sincere concern for students and families in our community

Susan West

I’m voting for Joanna Paun for the Petaluma School Board because I believe she will be a great advocate for our children. I’m also voting for her because she is an incredibly intelligent woman who I think will bring diversity to the board and make sure that ALL children in our community will be represented.

Faith Ross

Joanna will get my vote, I believe that she cares about our children and will listen to concerns of parents. We need people on the school board who are connected as parents of children in the district. Our school board needs to reflect our community and right now it does not.

Zahyra Garcia

I believe that representation matters at the school board level. Joanna Paun will not only bring change, but is committed to those who have been underrepresented for far too long.  Progress begins with her at the table.

Rachael Newman

Yes! Time to take back our school board, and vote in people who truly care about education and human growth! I’m so excited about our candidates! Joanna Paun is one of them!

Walter Chip Atkin Jr.

Joanna is smart engaging person, who understands the needs of students in the school from first hand experience as a Counselor. I am voting for her.