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October 2nd Forum
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October 8th A Conversation with Petaluma’s Female Candidates

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October 10th Forum

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September 6th Forum

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Notes provided by Amber Szoboszlai on behalf of North Bay Organizing Project-Petaluma and Indivisible Petaluma

Mayor Glass Endorses Joanna Paun

I had a very interesting meeting with Joanna Paun this morning. She is a candidate for the School Board election and has a diverse and wonderful background making her an ideal candidate for this position.

She has a Master’s Degree from Sonoma State University, has served as a student councilor in the public school system at Petaluma’s Kenilworth Junior High School, and is currently doing the same at St. Vincent’s.

She was raised by a single mother and attended public schools achieving academic success which included a two year junior college program on her way to an undergraduate and Master’s Degree at Sonoma State University.

Joanna and her husband are the parents of four children which gives them an insight and a stake in what happens in our community and the children in the schools. Her professional experience also places her close to the classroom experience and I think both perspectives would be valuable on a school board.

As Mayor I receive correspondence from members of the community that have concerns about our local schools. What most often these members of the public are looking for is an avenue of communication with their elected leaders.

While Petaluma has a directly elected Mayor, the position is for city issues only and the school district is a separate and larger jurisdiction encompassing portions of Marin and Sonoma County as well as the entire city of Petaluma.

Each of the challengers in this election have expressed a desire to have more dialogue with members of the public.

For that reason and many others, I am endorsing the three consisting of Joanna, Maddy Cloud a retired English teacher at Casa Grande, and Caitlin Quinn a graduate of Casa Grande High School and UC Berkeley. Quinn at 25 years of age would bring a better perspective to any board of issues currently challenging the younger generation.

We are fortunate to have fine people such as these step up and offer their voice at election time. In my opinion it is their candidacy that will facilitate a community dialogue that needs to take place. I hope you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with each of these fine people in the coming weeks.

– Mayor David Glass

Campaign Update 8/11

I’m Joanna Paun and I would like to represent all residents on the Petaluma School Board. This, for me, is not a stepping stone for higher office. I believe we all have to do our part to make strong, resilient, dynamic, and inclusive communities. I believe with my education and life experiences I can make a true difference by being elected to the school board.